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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bloodlines review

Title: Bloodlines
Author: Richelle Mead
Status: First book in the Bloodlines series
One word summary:Interesting

Yay! Back in the Vampire Academy world with bloodthirsty Strigoi, pale Moroi and ass-kicking dhampirs! And of course, the mysterious Alchemists with their golden lily tattoos.For those of you unfamiliar with Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series featuring Rose, don't worry. Sydney Sage, the Alchemist narrator of this new series gives plenty of background information to initiate you as a Rose/Dimitri/Adrian/Lissa fan.

After we thought everything worked out fine in Last Sacrifice, the last book of the VA series, a new problem arises. Those who hate Lissa as Queen have found an ingenious way to kick her off the throne: murder her sister, Jill. After an attack on Jill's life, she must go into hiding. Who with? Well people who can protect her identity of course. Namely, Eddie, Adrian and Sydney; posing as 'siblings' in a human boarding school located in Palm Springs, California. The gang are back! And we even get a little cameo from Rose,in the fourth chapter. Richelle Mead knows what readers are thirsting for-pun intended-and Bloodlines delivers.

Sydney Sage is wildly different, as a narrator. She's logical and observant, compared to Rose's instincts and recklessness, and what we would call a thinker rather than a fighter. But don't make any assumptions about her; Sydney can be, as one character put it, 'as scary as hell'. Her intelligence is her greatest strength, besides her deductive reasoning, and there is something so very charming about her social awkwardness in situations Rose would have excelled at, like when a boy attempted to ask her out. That part had me inwardly sniggering and embarrassed on Sydney's behalf. My favorite scenes with Sydney are towards the end of the novel when she manipulates that jerk Keith and manages to plot revenge against Laurel for bullying Jill. Go Sydney! Hope to see more of that awesome mastermind behavior.

The plotline through Bloodlines is well paced and steady, with a whole heap of foreshadowing. The 'bad guys' are almost painfully obvious from the start but what they're guilty of isn't revealed until much later. The thing with Keith and Sydney's sister Carly was horrible but Sydney handled that in her usual scary way.I also enjoyed the fact that there was still plenty of action, and by action I meant fights, especially at the end. Eddie, you are so freaking cool! To keep the suspense and mystery, Richelle Mead throws in some murders, the possibilities of vampire hunters and a little taste of romance to keep us going until The Golden Lily is released, in May next year. And can I just say, what's with the mini-cliffhanger in the end? I'm going nuts in anticipation.

High Points: badass Sydney, more heartbroken Adrian-I felt so sorry for him. Don't worry, Adrian, I still love you!
Low Points: that jerk Keith and scumbag Lee. The two of them should crawl in a hole and expire.

Recommendation: Read, definitely read. That's all I can say and all that needs to be said.

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  1. Wow, your review is so honest. I agree with everything you say.